Bezier - 府城 EP
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1. A1 - 孔廟
2. A2 - 府城
3. A3 - 林百貨
4. B1 - 綠館三溫暖
5. B2 - 觀夕平台

Bezier - 府城 EP

Some of the most beloved music comes from heartbreak and loss. This 5-track EP by Honey Soundsystem’s Bézier was recorded in a vacant apartment unit in his grandmother’s (‘Amah’) property in Tainan, Taiwan. Having to make the 15+ hour journey from SF to Taiwan multiple times in 2018, Bézier set up shop in Amah’s house surrounded by his live touring setup, a microphone, and the memories of loved ones recently passed.

Away from his San Francisco analogue synth-based studio, Robert Yang (aka Bézier) manipulated samples of his own vocals and mobile mono synths to tell his stories about returning home, honoring ancestry, and embrace life’s hardest challenges. The result is a deeply personal release with track titles named after landmarks surrounding Amah’s building, and songs both short and long, free of genre and tempo restrictions.

Vinyl, 12", EP