Bisk - Vacation Package LP - Vinyl Record

Bisk - Vacation Package LP

LABEL:   Ominira

“If you slide in on Bisk’s homepage, you will see at the very top it says “Good Electronic Music” – a brave, and foremost, true statement. Being an active producer since 1996 Bisk has released seven albums, and after a 12-year hiatus he returned again in 2012. Bisk’s eighth album is Vacation Package on Ominira.

Vacation Package consists of eight eclectic tracks, their origins being traced back to several performances taking place at radical live music venue Forestlimit, Tokyo, in late 2019 and early 2020. Reinterpreted, reconstructed, sawed into pieces, Bisk presents his own fragmented interstellar funk: ultramodern yet effortlessly cool and timeless, with a slight relaxed nonchalance. Warm, groovy basslines centering stretched out cosmic colours, gliding melodies and vocals. Bisk’s play with rhythms and his intense, at times rather sparse, drops of beats makes the pace so speedy that, contrary, the record seems to go in ultrarapid - taped so fast it actually plays to the listener in slow motion. Bisk presents a sincere and emotive collection of work with Vacation Package. Funky and slick, without the cheese.”

Vinyl, LP, Album

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