Bixi - Aquarius EP
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1. A1 - Aquarius
2. A2 - Bicho De Pe
3. B1 - Cosmic Water
4. B2 - Ryu Santos
5. B3 - Bunga Bunga

Breathing Room

Bixi - Aquarius EP

Next up on fresh, percussion-loving Canadian label Breathing Room Records is the Aquarius EP. It comes from a relative newcomer in Bixi, the new alias for Basel, Switzerland-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Lokke aka Modern Trash Quartett. The output for Bixi will be home to more sample & house-oriented tracks while Lokke will continue to lean more towards the downtempo and jazzy end of the spectrum.
The Aquarius EP is a medley of deft live instrumentation such as Rhodes keys, bass and percussion all mixed in with an adept use of samples. Additional percussion performed by Florian König. Artwork for the release is once again expertly curated by 3D and visual artist Maks Pihs, perfectly matching the theme of the release.

Vinyl, 12", EP