Bolt On Beats - Driving Me Nuts EP

Bolt On Beats

Bolt On Beats - Driving Me Nuts EP

A gem of an EP, the "Untitled" track could easily have been mistaken for a Warp Records release or AFX. Techno to drive you nuts.
Written by my Sound Designer friend, Michael Bolton, at University in 1998.

The Driving Me Nuts track is a sample of our tutors reaction to a track I made she hated.

Voodoo Dance Malarky's intro would be worthy of a Chemical Bros track, full of little surprises and an evil break at the end.

Originally recorded to tape. Cleaned up by me years later, remastered by Subvert Central Mastering and cut at Curve Pusher. Pressing by Vinyl Presents on clear Vinyl.

Vinyl, 12", EP