Book of AM - Part V: Night
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1. A1 - Calling The Lapsed Soul (Clip)
2. A2 - The Unexpected Mirror (Clip)
3. A3 - Volver (Clip)
4. B1 - Naad (Clip)
5. B2 - Death (Clip)
6. B3 - The End (Clip)

Book of AM - Part V: Night


The Book of AM is a collection of inspirational songs, poems and stories composed in different parts of the world through the millennia up to the present day and edited and set to music and graphics by Juan Arkotxa and Leslie MacKenzie. The Book expresses core themes from Eastern and Western philosophical and religious traditions and it follows the cycle of day with five parts - 'Dawn', 'Morning', 'Afternoon', 'Evening' and 'Night'.

When the Book was first published in 1977 the incomplete Part V, 'Night', was not incorporated into the four part publication (Part I published in Paris 1978, and Parts I, 2, 3, and 4 were published by Wah-Wah Records in 2004 and 2010). At last the final part 'Night' has been completed and is presented here as the conclusion of this long project.

Recordings from 1977 were used and combined with collaboration - mainly from oG musique who joined for this project and brought their own form of genius to the mix. Adding, along with Will Z, extra overdubs to the original recordings, as well as making an invaluable contribution to the composition, mixing and mastering; creating a different sound from the previous AM albums. More ethereal, informal, but at the same time surprising and powerful - stepping out of the standard songs format and creating a befitting space for the nocturnal and final mood of this project.

Vinyl, 12", LP Reissue