Boombass - Le Virage
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1. A1 - Pour Que Tu (Club Mix)
2. A2 - Pour Que Tu
3. B1 - Regarde Moi (Club Mix)
4. B2 - Regarde Moi (Long Acid Mix)
5. B3 - Regarde Moi

Boombass - Le Virage

A 'virage' is a curve more or less dangerous depending on the way you negotiate it. The 2020 virage, I took it while trying to shelve 40 years of musical culture and productive muddle, so as to compose these two tracks - and their extended version designed for club’s powerful speakers - in the most simple way.

In this EP, you can find House music, Acid, and a taste of Techno culture. The French voice, it’s mine. I talk about sex – which is still the second best topic after love – without really talking about it. These new tracks are for my old friend – who is probably getting a tan up there – so he knows that I am not giving up and that there are more surprises to come. In 2020 with le virage, I am going the distance.

Vinyl, 12", EP