Bored Lord - The Last Illusion - Vinyl Record

Bored Lord - The Last Illusion


T4T LUV NRG presents “The Last Illusion,” an ep of four bass-heavy and powerfully emotional tracks by Oakland-based artist Bored Lord. All of these songs are proper hardcore house tracks in her unique style, pressed loud and built out of love between queer and trans people...the same love we use to survive.

The label fell in love with Bored Lord’s work after Eris and Maya (Octo Octa) played with her at a queer warehouse rave in L.A. What they saw in this unique artist was an energetic sibling, a DJ with the ability to use music and magic (“illusion” here an ecstatic technique) to set bodies free.

The first song “Everyday 2gether” conveys the triumph of togetherness with airy stabs and cutting breaks that make dancers drill down hard while they sway. The second song “GNC NRG” is a tunnel of an acid track, meant for building GNC energy on dancefloors and in those bodies ready to receive the message. “Woman’s Wisdom”, the third song, is a full-on psychedelic banger cast from Bored Lord’s lived-experience of using chaos to both destroy and create. The e.p.’s closing song “So In Luv” revels in love’s intoxication with its hard mid-tempo breaks and gorgeously lifting pads.

The cover art by Periwinkle Lamb and the title of the ep are inspired by the book “The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions” along with its accompanying illustrations. (L. Mitchell, ill. N. Asta 1977). “The Last Illusion” is available on 12” vinyl and for digital download from the label’s Bandcamp and at fine music stores

Vinyl, 12", EP

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