Brian Ring - Reflections (Ltd. 150 Copies)

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Clutching At Straws

Brian Ring - Reflections (Ltd. 150 Copies)

Clutching At Straws is a brand new label established by Brian Ring. Born in Cork, Ireland. Ring has been residing in Berlin for over 4 years, during which time he has lent his dancefloor-focused, predominantly house sounds to a range of renowned labels including Freerange. Running Back and Bordello A Parigi. A producer who values a vehement quality-over-quantity approach, Clutching At Straws represents the first time Ring has helmed his own imprint. Featuring two originals as well as a remix from London producer Kiwi, the Reflections EP is most definitely deserving of the wait.

We kick off with ‘Acid Sunrise’, a classy house cut that envelops the listener in a warm glow from the off. Full of colourful motifs throughout, it’s part acid/part Balearic-tinged sound is the perfect antidote to Europe’s current climes. Characterised by a nimble, catchy-as-hell baseline, this one is pure dynamite of the sort that will sound at its most pronounced as the first signs of morning begin to enter the dancefloor.

Next up is Kiwi, a producer who’s been making power moves of his own lately thanks to a host of well-received cuts for the likes of Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondent, Tennis’ Life & Death and Optimo’s Optimo Music. His dramatic reinterpretation of Ring’s ‘Forest Walk’ , is a highbrow gem that’s full of gorgeous melodies and all-round positive vibes, with the man in charge changing the narrative quite exceptionally toward the track’s final phases.

Culminating the record is the sounds of ‘Emergency Tool’, a real statement track that’s sure to leave DJs and dancers in a frenzy over the next few months. An upfront banger of the sort that wonderfully incorporates both house and techno elements, it starts off on a fairly innocuous tip before unfurling into an uptempo beast. Full of clever bells and a vocal that demands us to “move!” (as well as a wailing cop siren that only heightens the sense of mania), ‘Emergency Tool’ is a track that’s destined to be used by discerning DJs when they really have to step things up a notch.

Vinyl, 12", Ltd. 150 Copies, EP