Bump - I’m Rushing
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1. A - Chambray Remix
2. B1 - 2020 Remaster
3. B2 - Theo Kottis Remix

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Food Music

Bump - I’m Rushing

What a privilege it is to continue this series of reworks and remasters on Food Music and this time we’ve got "I’m Rushing” from Bump!! The original from 1992 was (and still is) one of the most infectious house records ever made, with it’s uplifting synth patterns and vocals filling the air with pure joy and happiness. In addition to a re-master on the well known original, the new reworks here bring “I’m Rushing” bang up to date in impeccable style. Chambray leads the charge with an uplifting new synth pattern and pounding drums which compliment the original so well. Theo Kottis steps up with a beautiful mix that adds an Italo twist to complete a killer reworks package. Don’t sleep on this one.

Vinyl, 12", EP