C Cat Trance - Remixes Volume 1
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1. A1. Autarkic - Screaming (To Be With You) (feat The White Screen)
2. A2. JD Twitch - Dalbouka
3. B1. Sneaker - I Looked For You
4. B2. Die Orangen - Rattling Ghosts

C Cat Trance - Remixes Volume 1


After teaming up to release the scintillating works of C Cat Trance in their original 80s form on Screaming Ghosts, Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti join forces once again to deliver a ludicrously talented roster of remixers who catapult John Rees Lewis' cult group into thrilling new spatial and temporal zones. Autarkic decides to go for the full-tilt cover version on "Screaming (To Be With You)", with ample help from The White Screen, while JD Twitch roughs up "Dalbouka" into a quintessential slab of ethno-motorik body music. Sneaker's take on "I Looked For You" emphasizes the atmospheric tension in the original, giving the track a cinematic scope, and Die Orangen's "Rattling Ghosts" finishes the record on an appropriately ominous, subtly industrial tone.

Vinyl, 12", EP