Carcass Identity - Carcass Identity [Ltd. 200 Copies]
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1. A1 - Things to Forget
2. A2 - Spiraling Paradigm
3. A3 - Freedom Principle
4. B1 - Quiet Spectator
5. B2 - Kundu Basket
6. B3 - Desultory

Phase Group

Carcass Identity - Carcass Identity [Ltd. 200 Copies]

The next release on Phase Group comes in the form of the debut self-titled album by Carcass Identity, the live mutant-electronics partnership of Bruxelles-based artists Ernesto Gonzalez and Matthieu Levet aka Bear Bones Lay Low and Carrageenan.

Following up their breakthrough 2018 EP on Random Numbers, Carcass Identity present us with 6 tracks of warped, percussive, dub-infused psychedelics, born of live hardware jams and succinct sampling work.

Vinyl, 12", LP, Ltd. 200 Copies