Carrot Green & Selvagem - Disco Halal Vol. 4 Brazil


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This offering by Berlin-based, world-influenced label Disco Halal presents three tracks that result from the collaboration between the Brazilian DJs and producers Selvagem and Carrot Green (who combine releases on BIS Inc, Universal Cave, Hello Sailor, Barefoot Beats, Brazilian Shakedown and Magic Movement).

Exploring local melodies from the 60's and 70's, they built tracks that turn those sounds into some sort of exotic Techno beasts, only with that tropical flavour.

The A-side brings Vandre, a throbbing 126bpm track carried by a lovely guitar and singalong vocals by one of Brazil's most iconic protest singers. The package is complete with the remix by the ever growing Italian duo Marvin & Guy, who kept the hypnotic aura with their lush minimal sounds.

This black magic blessed EP continues on the flip with Dengo, a slow burner based on a candomble chant that, along with the flute, cowbell, and clapping, puts the audience into a spell Finally Ossain's killer strings, psyched-out vocals and percussive breakdowns wrap up this South American addition to the Disco Halal family.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Repress

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