Casbah73 - To Be Free


Casbah73 - To Be Free

"Last year's 'Love Saves The Day' was excellent, but I get the sense that he was just warming up... this double header which is en route from Spain's capital next month contains this massive funky jam - and this is smoking!" - Craig Charles

After his previous banger 'Love Saves the Day' got hands in the air on dance floors all over the world, well, it turns out that Casbah 73 was just warming up.

This new double A-sided release kicks off with 'To Be Free', an ambitious and, dare we say it, timeless number. It sees the welcome return of the very talented Angela Gooden, her alternatively seductive and evocative vocals riding a sumptuously warm and rich groove featuring a sparkling string section and anchored by a heavyweight golden era disco rhythm section. Classic yet modern, this will set any dance floor alight.

Over on the flip-side, 'Doing Our Own Thing' is a massive, full-on instrumental jazz-funk boogie cut rich in live instrumentation, clocking in at just over nine minutes and showing off a killer horn section to full effect. The dazzling interplay between the various players has peak-time euphoria written all over it, and those nine minutes are over way too soon.

The new single is a more than worthy successor to last year's 'Love Saves The Day', an insatiably funky slice of disco soul that smacked of raw authenticity (and one of the funkiest bass breakdowns you'll hear in a long while). A "proper" composition recorded live in the studio with an excellent cast of musicians, it found favour with many of the scene's more open-minded DJs across the board.

All through the nineties, revered digger/vinyl dealer Oli Stewart aka Casbah 73 trawled across America leaving no warehouse standing in his quest for the rare and the downright elusive. His knack for discovering, or bringing to light many an unknown classic, meant his reputation with DJs and producers around the globe was legendary.

Vinyl, 12", EP