Casey Tucker - Knoe 2/1
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1. A1. BST (Clip)
2. B1. Habit Of Awareness (Clip)
3. B2. Momentum (Clip)

Casey Tucker - Knoe 2/1



It's 4 years after Casey Tucker's seminal release on For Those That Knoe and theimprint has decided to run another repress to humbly meet the demand.

After a handful of releases on Probe under various aliases and before that on Plus 8 with no other than Ritchie Hawtin, Casey Tucker set up Fine Balance Recordings to showcase his unique melodic Tech House solo productions. The label released two EPs (The Carpet Dancer and Accumulated Knowledge) on 12", both bubbling well under the surface of the mainstream but changes in the music industry and the difficulties many labels felt at that time meant that the label was put on hold. Very much in demand today and extremely rare, FTTK has worked with Casey to dig out the original DAT recordings of those records as well as a fine selection of unreleased material to represent the second chapter of For Those That Knoe."

Vinyl, 12”, EP, Repress