CFCF - Liquid Colours LP
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1. A1. Re-Utopia
2. A2. Green District
3. A3. Retail Commune
4. A4. Aquascape
5. A5. An Impossible Condo
6. A6. Inorganic Streams
7. A7. Translucently Happy
8. A8. Healing Kurage
9. B1. Oxygen Lounge
10. B2. Anodyne Industries
11. B3. Blobject Of Desire
12. B4. Last Century Modern

CFCF - Liquid Colours LP

Montreal’s earnest-kitsch-explorer CFCF (aka Mike Silver) has been honing gentle revisions and updates on the outmoded luxuries of pop and new age music for years now. Now he returns with a ‘spiritual sequel’ to his much-loved 2015 ambient opus ’The Colours of Life’, refitted with an eye towards the bygone future: oxygen lounges, chillout rooms, luminescent spas, and breakbeats. Told in 15 movements, ‘Liquid Colours’ is a 42-minute new age jungle odyssey, perfect for a journey into a dreamworld of pure consumerism. Like all of CFCF’s work, it’s as sincerely and painstakingly composed as it is gently sardonic. In Silver’s own words:

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