Club Mayz - The Gift Of Surrender LP
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1. 1 My Former Sel
2. 2 Gray Days
3. 3 Dependent
4. 4 The Waiting Room
5. 5 Passing By (Intro)
6. 6 Mirage (I'm Not There)
7. 7 Farwell Track
8. 8 The Mask Of Sorrow
9. 9 Souvenir Wounds
10. 10 We Have Ideas And Each Other

Wool-E Discs

Club Mayz - The Gift Of Surrender LP

The third studio album from the Ghent-based Club Mayz is set for vinyl release in late February 2019 on Wool-E Discs.

The Gift of Surrender is a synth-wave record that’s rooted firmly in the 80s yet glowers with its own moody, melancholic character. A dreamy trace of hope lends the LP the depth of character of a film soundtrack.

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