Coastal County - Coastal County LP
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1. A1 - The Landing
2. A2 - Mirage Hour II
3. A3 - Supra Naturel
4. A4 - The Drop
5. B1 - Holy Monday
6. B2 - The Chaser
7. B3 - Laguna Daniela
8. B4 - Cielo Aperto

Preservation Records

Coastal County - Coastal County LP

David Axelrod, Michel Legrand, Stefano Torossi, Piero Umiliani, Franco Micalizzi, you say? Well, yes! This album arranged by two Norwegian guys, Thomas and Lars aka Coastal County, is just that; funky, jazzy, moody tracks, just taken out from a 60's cult exploitation movie. Combining the classic soundtrack grooves with italian library funk and top it with some Norwegian mountainside melodies, you get something quite unique; Coastal County.

Vinyl, 12", EP