Copper Green Sedan - Pedestrian EP (Inc. Desert Sound Colony Edit)
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1. A1. Pedestrian
2. A2. Rolling in the Long Grass
3. B1. Gene
4. B2. Pedestrian (Desert Sound Colony’s Dipped & Stripped Edit)

Troy Town

Copper Green Sedan - Pedestrian EP (Inc. Desert Sound Colony Edit)


South London's TROY TOWN once again draws from the local talent pool to follow the Wbeeza EP. This release opens up the detailed percussive and wide-eyed, rave-influenced productions of Copper Green Sedan.

The multi-instrumentalist was living a nomadic life through northern Europe formulating the key ideas of the EP from the back of a campervan before rounding them off back in the studio. The resulting three track EP that was delivered to us conveys a hectic melancholy.

‘Pedestrian’ is a driving, breaksy opener. It’s sympathetic to the groovers on the dance floor and the thick chords balance the snappy percussion. 'Rolling in the Long Grass' is a glitchy trip through a meadow. Finally, ‘Gene’ is a dusty, hands-in-the-air banger destined to reignite a jaded dance floor as the sun comes up. Man of the moment Desert Sound Colony (Holding Hands/Touch From a Distance) lays down a beautifully bionic 'Pedestrian' edit to round off the EP.

Vinyl, 12", EP