Curses - Romantic Fiction
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1. 1. Surrender (Clip)
2. 2. Harbinger of the Light (Clip)
3. 3. Crucify (Clip)
4. 4. Hex Alium (Clip)
5. 5. Curses feat. Perel - Gold & Silber (Clip)
6. 6. Levitate (Clip)
7. 7. Medusa Veil (Clip)
8. 8. Curses feat. Jennifer Cardini - Silence in the Dark (Clip)
9. 9. Talk to Me (Clip)

Curses - Romantic Fiction


Romantic Fiction - the debut LP from Curses - is an honest musical expression drawing influences from his youth growing up in NYC in the 80s. References to new wave, post-punk, synth music and early EBM are skillfully merged with the DIY approach of punk and rock n roll angst. Brandishing an immersive sonic palette, all instruments throughout the album were played and recorded by the artist. Exhausted by the current state of competitive dance music monotony, Romantic Fiction is a collection of songs, not DJ tools: songs that work at home, but also in the club should the right crowd beckon. It’s about escapism and finding comfort in the unknown, fulfilling the empty void by embracing the mysterious. Darkness is a light undiscovered, not something to be frightened of. Curses also invites friends who share a mutual love for incorporating post punk and new wave into contemporary electronic music. Perel delivers mighty Nina Hagen-esque operatic punk vocals on the first single, Gold and Silber, whilst Dischi Autunno label boss Jennifer Cardini and Curses share a duet on the cold wave silk of Silence In The Dark. As an amalgamation of influences from multiple decades, Romantic Fiction is a deeply personal album, triggering a feeling that is unnerving at times, familiar and welcoming at others.

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