Cute Heels - Beyond The War EP
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1. A1 - Beyond The War
2. A2 - Er Ist Nitch Du
3. A3 - Present Images (Club Edit)
4. B1 - Breath Of Freedom
5. B2 - Strange Forces
6. B3 - The Awake (Mexico City Mix)

Schrödinger’s Box

Cute Heels - Beyond The War EP

Five years ago, Cute Heels brought his unique blend to Schrödinger’s Box with Nepotism. The Colombian now returns to the Glasgow label, this time with a mini-LP packed to the rim with stone cold quality.

Beyond The War is a record as diverse as its creator. Traversing a spread of styles, Cute Heels has created a 12” that blurs perceived genres whilst maintaining the energy and zeal of the club.

Coloured Vinyl, 12", EP