Cyclonix - Tusk Wax Twenty Four
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1. A1. Telemachus
2. A2. Synth Run
3. A3. Haku Ten-O
4. B1. Telemachus (Whatever/Whatever remix)
5. B2. Ronin Love (dub)

Cyclonix - Tusk Wax Twenty Four


John Wilcox has been slowly disseminating crusty hardware jams for some six years now, in which time he's appeared as Cyclonix on Horn Wax, and now he nips over to Tusk Wax for more robo-charged antics in the curious corner of grubby, electro tinged house music the label orbits. "Telemachus" is a dreamy opening number that keeps the spook level up to maximum and the reverb voluminous throughout. "Synth Run" has a bit more bite, but not at the expense of atmosphere. Whatever/Whatever get hold of "Telemachus" and strip it down to a sparse skeleton of a track, and then Wilcox rounds the record off with the steppy ambient excursion "Ronin Love (dub)".

Vinyl, 12", EP