D.Dan ‎– The Danger Zone
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1. A1 - Dananas (Clip)
2. A2 - The Danger Zone (Clip)
3. B1 - Danarchy In The UK (Clip)
4. B2 - The Danpire Strikes Back (Clip)

D.Dan ‎– The Danger Zone


Straight outta Seattle via snowy Berlin. The thunderous, terror-wave modular techno of D.Dan is beset upon the world at one of the darkest moments in modern history. Wormhole techno that screws together heaving-and-plunging drum battering with searing, riptide waves of noise-drenched alien synths. Roaring and stuttering to apocalyptic crescendos whether it be a scrunched 128bpm roller or a thundering 142bpm getaway.

Vinyl, 12", EP