Dayton Flic - Livin For Your Love
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1. A, Livin For Your Love
2. B. I'm Mad

Dayton Flic - Livin For Your Love

Back in 1982, with ten days left before the submission deadline to win a Sony Records recording contract, Dean Hummons gathered Jenny Douglas, A. J., Chris Bowman, Roger “the Dodger” Parker and Jared Michael Nickerson to lay tracks reel-to-reel stylee in Dean’s Dayton, Ohio basement studio. “I’m Mad” and “Livin For Your Love” are two of the five tracks recorded for Dayton Flic’s contest entry. After making the deadline with only a day to spare and receiving no notice one way or the other from Sony Music ... the Dayton Flic crew disbanded and went their separate ways, eventually going on to join such acts as Sun, Dayton, Toto and Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber.

Mastered from the demo cassette submission with a touch of tape hiss.

Vinyl, 12", Reissue