De Gama - Back 2 AfrikA EP
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1. A1 Cosmic Safari (Clip)
2. B1 Tropical Boogie (Clip)
3. B2 Afrika (2018 Edit) (Clip)

De Gama - Back 2 AfrikA EP


Quickly building a following as purveyors of some of the very finest edits around, Samosa Records announce the 7th release since their debut just over a year ago.

Back for his 3rd appearance on the label is none other than big boss De Gama, dropping off a truly tropical package with the ‘Back 2 Afrika’ EP.

Whether he’s showcasing the true warmth and joie de vivre of the continent soca-style on ‘Tropical Boogie’, or setting off into the organ-and-horn-fueled delirium of ‘Cosmic Safari’, De Gama is on a mission to turn up the temperature.

And with a fresh, remastered edit of the best-selling dancefloor destroyer that is ‘AfrikA’ on the flip, winter 2018 might just go down in the books as the warmest one on record. [Listen Closely]

Vinyl, 12", EP