Deft - Burna
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1. A1 - Burna
2. A2 - New York's Vinest (VIP)
3. B1 - Koover In '92
4. B2 - Eskilusive

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Hooversound Recordings

Deft - Burna

Hooversound Recordings presents HOO02 from none other than UK producer Deft, as he delivers four high tempo dance floor ready tracks that fit perfectly into any club set.

From old school Jungle soundscapes to gritty 160 UK Bass, Deft is no stranger to exploring the different styles and BPMs of dance music. With HOO02, we see the talented producer explore the high energy realm of 160 as the ‘Burna’ EP merges together elements of jungle, techno, footwork, and grime making it the perfect hybrid to showcase the versatility of UK dance music in 2020.

Vinyl, 12", EP