Delroy Edwards - Wagon Wheels
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1. 1 Crazy Cool Beats
2. 2 Mrs. Mauva
3. 3 Wagon Wheels
4. 4 Jockin The 808s
5. 5 Do Do
6. 6 Ok Track


Delroy Edwards - Wagon Wheels

Delroy Edwards follows up his smashing "Aftershock" LP from 2018 with a new six track EP of pure old school 80s style Chicago House. While many may have moved on, Delroy Edwards steers the course, carrying the torch like not many cannot do, as he executes stripped down 808 beat tracks with a Gherkin bounce to perfection. (COMES WITH DOWNLOAD CODE!)

Sounding like cuts from a lost WBMX tape, this timeless six tracker is sure to get the all house fiends mouths watering. Think of the primitive styles of Virgo meets Harvey Harris meets Saunders and you're on the right path.

Vinyl, 12", EP