Delta Rain Dance (aka Glenn Astro) - Trancemission/Transmission
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1. A1. Trancemission One
2. A2. Trancemission Two
4. A4. Trancemission Five
5. A5. Trancemission Ten
6. B1. Transmission One
7. B2. Transmission Three
8. B3. Transmission Five
9. B4. Transmission Six
10. B5. Transmission Ten

Delta Rain Dance

Delta Rain Dance (aka Glenn Astro) - Trancemission/Transmission

Trancemission over; Transmission begins. Delta Rain Dance is an experimental artist and label project delving into contemplative, and melancholic states, with a record that blissfully glides between ambient, and delicate-percussive, electronic states. A hybrid puzzle of melodic cuts, DJ tools and drum tracks, that can be mixed together to create new amalgamations of the source material.

'Trancemission/Transmission’ showcases a musical narrative that transcends genres and moods, switching between flashes of dubbed techno, abstract percussive electronica, and stark downtempo vibes.

Vinyl, LP, Album