Derek Carr - A Future-Retrospective Of Art [4xLP]
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1. A1. The Engineers (Clip)
2. A2. Starfield (Clip)
3. B1. Angels (Clip)
4. B2. Deported Emotion (Clip)
5. C1. Womb (Clip)
6. C2. Sources Of Light (Clip)
7. D1. Io (Clip)
8. D2. Centrepoint (Clip)
9. E1. Boom! (Clip)
10. F2. Gravity Rules (Clip)
11. G3. Q (Clip)
12. H2. Pluto Lost Again (Clip)

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Derek Carr - A Future-Retrospective Of Art [4xLP]

In the early 2000s Derek Carr's notoriety for producing high fidelity techno was understated and unbefitting to the quality of his musical output. In 2016 For Those That Knoe initiated an acclaimed series of EPs which showcased unheard material alongside some long lost vinyl only classics from Derek's archive. Cut to now and the imprint has put together something truly special: a raid on dusty record shelves have been traded for one into the binary world, For Those That Knoe has selected 17 recordings only previously available on the digital format or previously unreleased, now remastered and pressed onto physical form.

4 x 12" Vinyl, LP, Gatefold, Album