DJ Guy - OWMU 001
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1. A1 - Music Is Life
2. A2 - Interplanetary
3. B1 - Warmth In Rhythm
4. B2 - Warmth In Melody
5. B3 - Propulsion State

Other World Music

DJ Guy - OWMU 001

Cardiff based DJ and producer Guy Evans has been producing music since 1992, although it was only in 2014 that he had his first vinyl release on the Glasgow based label ALL CAPS. Since then, he has released both new and archived material on labels such as ORGANIC ANALOGUE, CEJERO, CRISIS URBANA, EXOTIC ROBOTICS and many others. This EP marks the first release on his own label 'OTHER WORLD MUSIC' and features 5 tracks created recently by the producer which cover a broad range of styles, from Detroit house, downtempo ambient to futuristic sci-fi breakbeats.

Vinyl, 12", EP