DJ Joe Lewis - Back 2 Live EP
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1. A1 Love Mistery (Of Love 2)
2. B1 9 Lives
3. B2 Confused House (Original)

DJ Joe Lewis - Back 2 Live EP


deepArtSounds may be a sublabel of Moto Music, but it's achieved so much on its own terms over the past decade. Now Joe Lewis is joining the esteemed ranks of the label with even more experience behind him - he was recording for the likes of Relief Records and Peacefrog way back when. It's no secret when you listen to his jams on Back 2 Live, where rugged and raw synth lines sit atop tough machine beats. "Love Mystery" is plenty tender where it counts, but "9 Lives" and "Confused House" head towards a rougher end goal for the nastier kind of party.

Vinyl, 12", EP