dj poolboi - it's good to hear your voice
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1. A1 - like we were the last two people on earth
2. A2 - pretend we're okay
3. A3 - we can be happy
4. B1 - it's good to hear your voice
5. B2 - i lost myself
6. B3 - it's alright now
7. B4 - don't be so hard on yourself
8. B5 - i'll see you in my dreams

Majestic Casual Records

dj poolboi - it's good to hear your voice

dj poolboi is the moniker of Austin Texas' resident Adam Ansley. In 2017 Ansley started quietly releasing lo-fi house music as an artistic outlet on Youtube. Channelling his own struggles Ansley crafted a unique form of EDM – 'electronic depression music' creating emotional melodic songs mixing elation and nostalgia with melancholy.

dj poolboi now gears up to release his debut LP with renown Berlin based label Majestic Casual.

Vinyl, 12", LP w/ Full Colour Sleeve