DJ Slugo Presents DJ Clent - Hail Mary
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1. A1 Dance-A-Thon
2. A2 Hail Mary
3. A3 U Remind Me
4. B1 Uh-Oh
5. B2 Work It
6. B3 Sho-Nuff

Subterranean Playhouse Series

DJ Slugo Presents DJ Clent - Hail Mary

Absolutely classic, banging ghetto Houz HEAT from the legendary Dance Mania camp outta Chicago. DJ Slugo and DJ Clent supply us with a handful of chopped up R&B and Hip Hop sampling footwork/House bangers. Already highly sought after due to a certain LA DJ dropping the Pac sampling -Hail Mary- on his Boiler Room set, this EP can change hands for up to £100 used! Reissued and remastered here for the first time you can now get your hands on this heavyweight 6 tracker for the price of a normal 12- single - Sho nuff! If you know about this style of music then you know what to expect! Raw, super charged House and Footwork stylings for the heads! Reissued in conjunction with Dance Mania, Chicago IL. 100% legit!

Vinyl, 12", Reissue