DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson ‎– Remets T'es Qui?
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1. A1 - Soleil Au Reveil (Clip)
2. A2 - On N'a Pas Commence (Clip)
3. A3 - T'es Qui? (Clip)
4. A4 - Maxine (Clip)
5. A5 - Tout Le Monde Pense (Clip)
6. B1 - Quelle Folle Idee (Clip)
7. B2 - Descends (Clip)
8. B3 - Annie Coud La Peau (Clip)
9. B4 - Cupidon (Clip)
10. B5 - Remets L'audio (Clip)
11. B6 - Banale Histoire (Bonus Track) (Clip)

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson ‎– Remets T'es Qui?


DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson are a French composer-and-Afro-soul-singer duo. "T'es Qui?" is their debut album - the fruit of an intense collaboration of many years, both live and in-studio. They call their music "Afropéan", a collection of jazzy-pop melodies and Afro-soul and funk arrangements. These songs are a mix of conscious, poetic lyrics and natural, strong harmonies. Twelve original songs recorded live with Honky Tonk Man on bass, Jeff Ludovicuson drums, and the French singer-songwriter Ours on the jazzy "Goujat."

Vinyl, 12", LP