Djrum - Hard To Say / Tournesol - Vinyl Record

Djrum - Hard To Say / Tournesol


Djrum returns to R&S with two heavy hitting tracks on a double a-side release. This is his first original music to be released since the ‘Portrait With Firewood’ album in 2018. “A meticulous, moving electronic album.” Quietus “As audacious as anything in electronic music right now” Pitchfork

Both tracks see him exploring his more dancefloor influences keeping the tempos high and the emotions heightened. While Tournesol takes in a characteristically broad set of influences - from braindance to Shaangan electro - Hard To Say focuses on the ambient-gabber sound that Djrum has pioneered.

This is uncompromising music from a producer working at the top of his game.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Repress

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