Dolette McDonald - (xtra) Special (1 Per Customer)
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Dolette McDonald - (xtra) Special (1 Per Customer)


“One of the DJs in a pool in manhattan said ‘listen to this, no one has this record’. There was a shop in the subway on 42nd street and tourists would bring records from Europe to sell and the guy said to me listen to ‘Xtra Special’ and that’s how I got to it", says Began. "It had heart. I found Dolette Mcdonald. She was a studio singer. Her vocals are remarkable.”

Recorded in 1982 as a cover version of Atmosfear’s ‘Xtra Special’ from the same year, the recording has become a flagship release amongst collectors and music lovers from a long-line of versions under the production of Began Cekic.

Vinyl, 7", Reissue