Dreems - Diamond Bay LP
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1. A1 The Bends
2. A2 Milk Beach
3. A3 Vaping Seaweed
4. A4 Be A Soldier, Crab
5. A5 Coasters Retreat
6. B1 Return To Diamond Bay
7. B2 Meltdown / Recovery
8. B3 Sleeping Bag
9. B4 On The Rocks
10. B5 Pambula

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Dreems - Diamond Bay LP

Dreems returns with his second full-length album, a languid journey through ambient dimensions. Following up his self-titled debut from 2014, these two LPs will stand together as test of time, a snapshot of the atmosphere that surrounded him throughout the decade.

As a versatile club-DJ with a respected catalog of mixed-tempo club remixes, and as half of the ‘Krautback’ / elementally Australian industrial act ‘Die Orangen,’ Dreems merely hints at his musical identity as an album artist, an expansive space in which he truly does soar with the spirit of a true artist, plumbing the depths of his emotional being, achieving catharsis in the shimmering pleasure of sound.

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