Strapontin - The End Of Logic EP
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1. A1. Nervous Days
2. A2. But The Nice One
3. B1. Miss Mickey The Dumbs
4. B2. But The Nice One! (Thomass Jackson Remix)

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Hard Fist

Strapontin - The End Of Logic EP

For their landmark 10th release, Hard Fist is proud to have snapped up multi-talented Belgian producer and performer Strapontin for a new single including Damon Jee and Thomass Jackson remixes and a complementary & prescient video game that pokes fun at social media.

The specially designed game and accompanying music video pertains to the overall theme of the EP, which shows an absurd society obsessed with social media descending into a dystopian world. It is a paranoid graphic vision, set in Brussels, Strapontin’s hometown, that puts you in control of a role playing game as you march round the city collecting social points with scant regard for others.

Besides being a dancer, performer and on-and-off “Madame pipi”, French-born, Brussels-based Strapontin is also a DJ and producer who mixes up slow and rough techno with thrilling soundtracks and groove driven disco. He has released on Nein and I’m Single amongst others and marks this 10th Hard Fist release in fine style.

Vinyl, 12", EP