Ellll - Febreeze
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1. 01 Febreeze
2. 02 Febreeze (Sunrise Edit)
3. 03 Febreeze (G E O Corp Mix)

First Second Label

Ellll - Febreeze

FSL007 drops from Corkwegian, Berlin-based producer and dj Ellen King AKA ELLLL. ELLLL has always brought a different cut to bass ans techno music and with Febreeze it sets out into the further realms of breaks, jungle and euphoric rhythms alongside a bass driven tech-house uk funky joint from College Driver G.E.O. Corp. "Febreeze keeps my house clean, I even like the advert where someone is absolutely chuffed getting their nose into a carpet or there old dirty shoes cause basically febreeze had sorted it all out. Febreeze after this has new meaning to me now. Its that large sound break coming into a sweaty basement club, its the euphoric sounds being supplied to a Sunrise before deciding to go to bed or stay up. This is the image ELLLL brings to mind when I listen to the two mixes of her fresh sounding cuts from her latest creation Febreeze."

Vinyl, 12", EP