EP 2 - Dance (Onionz & Kerri Chandler Remixes)
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1. A Dance - Onionz Down The Block Remix
2. B Dance - Kerri Chandler Centro Fly Mix


EP 2 - Dance (Onionz & Kerri Chandler Remixes)

OK. This is an anthem. You know 'Dance' already, right? HUGE Pal Joey jam from way back in 1990? The one that flips Carl Bean's 'I Was Born This Way' into the stratosphere? Yeah, that's it! Except this is that track reimagined by 2 killer producers, flipped and edited into the cosmos by the New Jersey legend Kerri Chandler and the West Coast's Onionz, probably the only producers who could touch such a stone cold classic and actually bring something to the table! Originally out in 2002 these 2 edits / mixes are total weapons, you need this 12 in your bag. Everything is touched, tweaked and blended in just the right way and full respect is given to the mixes. This isn't no fly by night re-edit thing, this is heavyweight's bringing us some heat and their interpretation of a track that was obviously a huge deal for them on a personal level. Do not snooze on this, masterfully repressed, with the full consent of everyone involved and remastered on a solid 12 for you all. Tip!

Vinyl, 12", EP