Erik Wøllo – Silver Beach [2xLP]


Erik Wøllo – Silver Beach [2xLP]


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Minimalistic electronic instrumental music from Scandinavia. Erik Wøllo is an unique norwegian musician that has been active since 1980, covering a wide range of styles but mostly known for his very personal take on electronic ambient music.

Gentle rhythms hold center for lush beautiful melodies to unfold, manifesting a restrained elegance in the way the chords hover around this percolating heartbeat. The result is synthetic walkabout music, an album of simple yet vibrant sophistication, perfect for wandering around, or sitting contemplating imaginary beautiful vistas with eyes closed.

These fifteen stunning tracks create a sense of ceaseless motion without arrival, the pleasure of travelling without destination: walking on a outer limits beach. These tunes just refuse to be forgotten, their glittering beauty having both an air of nostalgia, but also of vigency, as they continue to haunt new ears. There's no doubt that this is a classic of European eighties electronic music composition, a polished artwork with the best aesthetic and emotional signifiers of its era.

Vinyl, 2x12", Album, Reissue

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