Escape Earth - Monolith On Mars EP

Ritual Poison

Escape Earth - Monolith On Mars EP


Escape Earth, aka BufoBufo and Corporeal Face, return to their own Ritual Poison label for another four-tracker of interplanetary yearning. Opener ‘Dropping With The Force’ draws a line from Britcore to techstep intersecting at 130 breaks, acid bubbling through rowdy stabs, UK rap and rolling bass. ‘Solar Storm’ then pulses with its huge, dubby low-end, pounding drums encasing an inner core of swirling melodic elements.

On the flip, ‘Blasting Rocks’ heads to headier realms, though only just, breakbeats colliding like space debris, the alternating moods orbiting a raw Reese. ‘Universe Dub’ then closes out, a 140 stepper where dubbed out chords and restless bass meet chopped breaks and a ghostly vocal echoing through eternity.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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