Ethyos 440 - Ediacara
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1. A1 - Makhno Dub
2. A2 - Tunnel
3. B1 - Evil Ethio
4. B2 - Chronos

Ethyos 440 - Ediacara

Les Disques Magnétiques is a new sub-label from Les Disques Bongo Joe presenting their first release with Ediacara, by Ethyos 440.

Emerging from Geneva’s underground scene, Ethyos 440 is the meeting of groove band L’éclair and DJ/producer Dj Laxxiste A.

This ultimate late-night-infected-dub-live band pairs sequencers and human grooves, analog instruments are played live on riddims, fx’s, and samples manually executed with a dub-mix approach towards the extreme. This this brand new EP will fit perfectly for any party, any DJ set or any late night playlist.

Vinyl, 12", EP