Exander / Rojid / Imbue - Default: Various Artists


Exander / Rojid / Imbue - Default: Various Artists

What began as a series of intimate events, Default is now adopting a new project in the form of wax. Its introductory VA release showcases Exander, Rojid, and Imbue; three unwavering streams of talent whose previous productions receive support by the likes of Barac, Praslesh, and Arapu among others.

It starts with label head Exander's "Confuso", an acoustic playground of mischievous bass and dynamic, multi-layered vocals. Its counterpart "Susano" is a relentless groove infused with crisp percussive elements and the occasional interstellar drive-by. Imbue seals our appetite on the B side with "twotwentyeight", a sultry harmony of the soft and the abstract, complemented by their signature live guitar.

Vinyl, 12", EP