Felipe Gordon - Sick Ass Chords EP
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1. A1: Sick ass chords
2. A2: Girl, u don’t know how beautiful u actually are
3. B1: The quint garage
4. B2: For those who enjoy being alone


Felipe Gordon - Sick Ass Chords EP

Señor Gordon is back on Quintessentials! Colombia’s number 1 when it comes to freaky house music delivers the goods again. Felipe Gordon has this incredible talent to mix so many different sounds and samples to create his unique style. Funky pianos (or should we say sick ass chords!), wobbling basslines, jazzy samples, disco and funk influences all combined together to make the “Felipe Gordon house sound”. Sometimes more punchy like “Sick ass chords” and “The quint garage”, sometimes more relaxed like “Girl, u don’t know…” and “For those who…”, but you just hear it’s FG from B in C!

Vinyl, 12", EP