FFF & Coco Bryce - Myor Massiv 01
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1. A1. FFF - Superhero Can't Trust
2. A2. FFF - Free Your Soul
3. B1. Coco Bryce - Deeper and Deeper
4. B2. Coco Byrce - Runnin'

FFF & Coco Bryce - Myor Massiv 01

Amen manipulator extraordinaire FFF and fellow Dutchman Coco Bryce team up for the first release on Myor's sub label Myor Massiv.

FFF kicks off the a-side with "Superhero Can't Test", a 170 bpm slice of reggae infused jungle wizardry, followed by "Free Your Soul", which brings down the tempo a couple of notches, taking things back to an era where breakbeats, piano riffs and pitched vocals reigned supreme.

The flipside holds 2 cuts by Coco Bryce. "Deeper And Deeper" features heavy Amen choppage and filtered breaks, carried by a small series of rap threats and boasts uttered by a not-so-underground MC, whilst "Runnin" takes a more melodic and rave-centric approach.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Repress