Fibre Optixxx & DJ Life - Biophilia
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1. A1 - Fibre Optixxx - Hive Activity
2. A2 - Fibre Optixxx - Hibiscus
3. B1 - DJ Life - Lightning Ridge
4. B2 - DJ Life - Butterfly

Fibre Optixxx & DJ Life - Biophilia

The continent spanning Ozzy / Berlin label Potatoheadz are showing a certain flair with their curation that is rare to see. Launching 2020 with a split EP that continues the labels thematic approach with all tracks based around the concept of biophilia. Whilst packing the kind of dance floor punch that only the heart of nature can supply.

Another killer from Potatoheadz, a label carving it's name into the global scene. Musically deep and utterly fresh. A statement of intent for what's to come from them in 2020.

Vinyl, 12", EP