Fio Fa - Dead Money Groove EP


Fio Fa - Dead Money Groove EP

Pear’s co-founder Fio Fa marks his return with a couple more basement anthems in the form of Dead Money Groove, backed with on-point remixes from pals New Jackson & Fold.

Into The Groove; an all too brief soundcloud favourite given a new lease of life via this 12’. Propulsive & dark, it’ll get under your skin at the rave via wicked sampling and vocal voodooism. Local hero New Jackson cracks the shutters on his self described “highlife house” re-up. A looser more melodic reimagining, where the end results in some manic percussive frenzy reminisce of some Liquid Liquid/MU business.

The toms heavy Dead Money meets us on the flip, a powerful roller licked with a faint dubbed out wistfulness. Fio’s bassline work deservedly poised to soundtrack big tent season this summer. Fold strips it all back with his Toastie Re-rub, melting out the lower end to deliciously slippery effect emanating in an up-to-date mutant stomper. Fresh.

Vinyl, 12", EP