FloFilz - Speakthru
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1. 01 Intro
2. 02 Shinethru (feat Ivan Ave)
3. 03 Hamptons
4. 04 Basement Jazz (feat Blu)
5. 05 One4Jakarta
6. 06 Method Of Madness (feat Cashus King Co)
7. 07 Corners
8. 08 The Art Of Abstract Rap Displace (feat Juju Rogers)
9. 09 202 Skit
10. 10 A Lil Bit Of (feat Chiara Noriko)
11. 11 Wrong Turn
12. 12 The Verb (feat Barney Artist Anthony Drawn)

Jakarta Records

FloFilz - Speakthru


After his Melting Pot Music album "Metronom" in 2014 FloFilz follows up connecting musical worlds on "Speakthru", his new album forJakarta Records featuring Ivan Ave, Blu, Co$$, Juju Rogers, Chiara Noriko, Barney Artist and Anthony Dawn!

FloFilz has been one of our favorite producers for a while. Heading from the small town Aachen in the far west of Germany he's been mastering the sound of sample based hip hop productions for some time now. At the same time he's a professional orchestral musician & violin player. Being limited to one type of music just ain't his thing. Over the course of the last couple of years he has gained a very strong following. Nearly 40.000 people are following his soundcloud channel & majestic.com has posted a handful of his productions. Speakthru, his first album on Jakarta Records, is a testament to the connective power of music. Transcending musical boundaries, Flo managed to bring together a wide range of MCs to feature on his tracks such as LA's own Blu and Co$$ up to Norway's Ivan Ave and London's Barney Artist, including a half-dozen of powerful instrumentals sprinkled in between. "Basement Jazz" the first single off the album has been featured on a wide selection of blogs suchs as okayplayer.com, 2dopeboyz.com,egotripland.com, pigeonsandplanes.com, juice.de and many, many more. Look out for the video for "The Verb" feat. Barney Artist too which was recently shoot in London.

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