Footsie - No Favours [2xLP]
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1. A1. Footsie - Spread Love
2. A2. Footsie - Restless Jack ft CASISDEAD
3. A3. Footsie - Pepper Stew ft JME
4. A4. Footsie - No Favours
5. B1. Footsie - Finesse
6. B2. FWD Skit
7. B3. Footsie - Pattern & Program
8. C1. Footsie - My Own Wave ft D Double E & Pepper Rose
9. C2. Footsie - Music Money ft D Double E & Jammer
10. C3. Footsie - Hills Of Zion ft Durrty Goodz & Frisco
11. C4. Footsie - G Set ft President T & P Money
12. D3. Footsie - Easy For You ft J Appiah

Footsie - No Favours [2xLP]

You will struggle to find an artist who has contributed to the culture as much as East London pioneer, Footsie. His position in the music hall of fame is firmly cemented with his foundations paving the way for thousands after him.

Footsie's debut solo album, No Favours via his imprint Studio 55 is a schooling in the movement Footsie has remained at the helm of by artfully melding Grime, Dubstep and Reggae cohesively under one roof. Reaffirming him as the king curator, No Favours will undoubtedly become an instantaneous collectors item.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Album