Francis Inferno Orchestra - Hygiene
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1. A1. Hygiene
2. B1. Mongrel
3. B2. Hygiene (My Everlasting Rhythmo)

Francis Inferno Orchestra - Hygiene


Francis Inferno Orchestra - Hygiene

Superconcious Records
Published July 20, 2018

Retrospective euphoria from one of Melbourne’s most notorious.

J_Feels | 4 months ago

"This takes me back! 1991... Joe, Damo and I used to hit every Biology at the docks. We were young and skint, but somehow managed to always make it to the rave. We were so up for it! The vibes were sick… good music… best mates... and the ecstasy… mannn those little fuckers (Damo from Carlton north, if you ever listen to this on here, hit me up brother!). I’m a family man in my 40s now but this music takes me back to my 20s, I close my eyes and I can still feel the rush, the heat of everyone crammed into those warehouses and the huge, stupid grin on my face.”

Vinyl, 12", EP